Company History

Corporate Construction Services began in 1989 mainly as a firm offering Owner’s Representative Services and Consulting and Scheduling for Contractors.

CCS customized computerized estimating programs, created schedules for large and mid-size firms such as J.A. Jones Construction Company, Metric Construction, Contract Construction Company, PPG, Martin Engineering, Inc., and Welliver-McGuire. CCS’s owner, Steve Peklenk, had extensive history taking over commercial and industrial projects that were behind and otherwise in trouble and getting them back on track. After years of creating recovery schedules and assisting firms on troubleshooting problems, CCS began its Construction Claims Consulting. Before long, attorneys from Florida to California to Washington, D.C. were utilizing Corporate Construction Services on multi-million dollar claims and to consult and investigate for projects approaching 100 million dollars.

The firm became a limited liability company in 1997 and moved to its present location in 1998. CCS has sought to emphasize service over size. We have a commitment of excellence, and we continually work to gain more knowledge, understanding and credentials as technology continues to change and shape the Construction Industry.

Project History

Corporate Construction Services, LLC has been selected to solve numerous problems and issues for many high profile projects and well known clients. A few examples of projects we have worked on are noted herein:

Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Cancer Center, Baltimore, MD

Consulted and worked for a Nationally known Health Care Architect on the construction of this high profile 85 million dollar project and provided claims avoidance management. Worked on site regularly to assist with construction administration problems and potential claim issues. Made recommendations for long-term solutions to problems on site and prevention of claims on the project. Project finished successfully without any claims being filed.

NASCAR Franchising Corporate Headquarters, Charlotte, NC

Consulted and worked as NASCAR’s owner’s representative in the construction of their up fit construction in Wachovia Tower. Worked to coordinate owner’s contractors, changes, and provided problem resolution during the project. Project was successfully completed on time and on budget.

Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Iberville Suites, New Orleans, LA

Provided claims consulting on two five-star high rise hotel projects. Consulted on mechanical and drywall ventilation chase issues. Provided presentation in mediated settlement conference and the dispute was resolved between multiple parties.

Harvest Hills Subdivision, Mint Hill, NC

Acted as Owner’s Representative to manage the development of a residential subdivision infrastructure. Coordinated project from Pre-Construction, and Design through construction.

Beaufort High School & Community Center, Beaufort, South Carolina

Provided emergency “crash” scheduling analysis and recovery plan for 22 million dollar high school project. Project had fallen significantly behind schedule on this multi-prime project. Successfully brought together disputing separate prime contractors, owner, and construction manager to work out their differences and continue the project in order to avoid future claims and legal action. Project was completed with no claims filed.

Glenaire Retirement Community, Cary, North Carolina

Provided a full site facility review of multiple buildings in this multimillion-dollar dispute. Review of the buildings yielded significant construction defects including fire code violations and water intrusion problems. Prepared a claim for Owner against actions of the general contractor and a rebuttal for a multi-million dollar claim by the contractor. The contractor delayed the project over one year and claimed no liability for delays for reasons of owner interference and design defects. CCS performed a schedule analysis rebuttal. The contractor was requesting a multi-million dollar award but dropped their claims in a mediated settlement after the CCS information was presented. Substantial payments were made to the owner for construction defects in settlement.

South Carolina Aquarium Project, Charleston, SC

Claim preparation for large Sub Contractor on their cost recovery for the SC Aquarium project in Charleston. The aggregate claims for the project were approximately 22 million dollars. Problems included engineering failures due to design errors and imposed restrictions on work means, methods, and flow. A significant settlement was reached in a mediated settlement on behalf of our client.

Western Correctional Facility, Spruce Pine, North Carolina

Provided Project consulting for Schedule Analysis and Claims Preparation for this State Prison Project. Provided claim to the State of North Carolina on behalf of a major subcontractor. Subcontractor was awarded a significant change order based as part of a settlement agreement. NCSC Project #49374, Item 4343.

Fort Gordon Army Base, Augusta, Georgia

CCS inspected this multi-building housing project and reviewed the project schedule for impacts due to various changes and owner caused delays. Worked on behalf of the contractor to recover funds from the government for impacts to the project. The case and report was presented and a settlement was reached.

Pope Air Force Base, North Carolina

Represented Sub-Contractor against the Corps of Engineers for a munitions facility and a highway project. Contractor alleged that the owner/and or design specification was defective which created additional work and had materially delayed the project thereby interfered with the contractor’s performance. Contended the contractor was entitled to recovery on the basis of “superior knowledge” doctrine since the government knew the contract did not contain the provision in the specification, which would have allowed the contractor to include such a provision in his price. Additional unforeseen site conditions where discovered and the government failed to act in a timely manner approving action so required in the specification and required the contractor to perform work which differed from the specifications. A Sizable settlement was reached.

Dune Ridge Condominium Project in Wrightsville Beach, NC

Consulted and testified for Condominium Association relating to costs and damages on a 10.7 million dollar claim in Mediation against the General Contractor, the Designer, subs, and suppliers. Damages included water intrusion, mold and related failure of the building envelope and interior damage. A multi-million dollar settlement was reached for our client and the project was re-built.

Harbor Court Condominiums, Honolulu, HI

Provided inspection and analysis for a 42-story high-end condominium project in downtown Honolulu. Inspected the building envelope including EIFS and curtain wall systems and provided analysis on behalf of the subcontractor. The project was mediated and settled.

New Hannover Regional Medical Center, Wilmington, NC

Performed extensive review of 67 million dollar project for construction defects. Found significant problems including water intrusion, fire barriers errors, wall construction errors, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing code violations, extensive problems with concrete, water proofing, roofing and fireproofing. Construction defect costs exceeded 2 million dollars. CCS also found numerous design errors including code and fire issues. Designers settled their dispute with a multi-million dollar settlement. Contractor was ordered to pay significant amount in arbitration for defective work.

Lowes Building Center, Columbia, SC

Represented a nationally known Building Supply Company through their bonding company against claims made by a general contractor on a South Carolina Public Mental Hospital complex consisting of twenty-six buildings. Dispute centered on allegations by the contractor that the building supplier failed to deliver material to the project per the terms of their agreement. From estimates we performed at the site of material used and from discovery documents, we proposed that the contractor failed to estimate material correctly and did not manage the installation of that material in a proper manner. Charts and Exhibits were created; evidentiary documents and testimony was submitted to a jury for a decision. Our client, the building supplier, was found not to be liable to the contractor and no judgment against the building supplier was rendered.

Admiral’s Quarters Condominiums, Davidson, NC

Provided Project Consulting, Inspection Services, and case preparation for Five Condominium buildings for Condominium Owners. Damages included EIFS installation, significant structural damage and failure and other minor building systems. CCS found significantly more damage than had been reported by previous experts hired by the owner in investigation of construction defects. The claim grew from .4 million to just over 2 million dollars. A settlement was reached for approximately 81% of the claim in mediation after our report and presentation was made.

Johnson C. Smith University Football Stadium Project – Charlotte, North Carolina

Provided review of the contractor’s claims for extra cost for defective plans and specifications. Inspected the contractor’s work for compliance with the contract requirements and inspected repairs that were made. Claim was denied. Provided structural analysis and load testing of primary floor structure. We coordinated and managed repairs for the structure on behalf of the Owner. Dispute with the contractor ended.

Hampton Inn & Suites and Comfort Inn, Charlotte North Carolina

Consulting & Inspections for Hotel Owners relating to damages and design of the construction of two hotels (one high rise, one low rise). Provided full site review and inspection of the properties on behalf of the owner to identify omissions, defects and deficiencies in design and construction. Damages included water intrusion, EIFS installation, Concrete, Mechanical, Roof, Electrical and other building systems. Both cases were settled in mediation with a significant cash settlement for the owner.