Mission Statement


We believe that our first responsibility is to our clients. Our services must always be of the highest quality. We must constantly strive to control our costs so as to give our clients the most savings and value possible. We must perform our work promptly and accurately. We must be responsible and reliable in our work efforts.

Our second responsibility is to our employees, the men and women in our office. They must have a sense of security in their jobs. Wages must be fair and adequate. Management should be just, hours reasonable, and working conditions clean and orderly. We will strive to give our employees an organized system for input into the company and its goals. Supervisors and managers must be qualified and fair minded. There must be opportunity for advancement for those qualified. We shall consider each person by allowing them to stand on his or her own merit and dignity.

Our third responsibility is to our management. Our leaders must be persons of education, talent, and ability. They must possess common sense and understanding. We shall work to improve their skills to train, coach, and lead our employees.

Our fourth responsibility is to the community in which we live and work. We must be good corporate citizens. We should support the good works and charitable causes of the community. We must be responsible with the use of public property, that we are privileged to use. We must promote civic improvement. We must support health, education, and good government, and acquaint the community with our firm and its activities.

Our fifth and last responsibility is to our Member/Owners. Our business must make a sound profit. We are committed to global economic improvement and holistic thinking tempered with reality and facts. We will work to be creative and will develop new goals. We must plan for adverse times, future growth, payment of taxes, and expansion of our market. When these things have been done our Member/Owners should receive a fair return.

We are determined with the help of God's grace to fulfill these obligations to the best of our ability.