Commercial Construction

Educational & Religious Facilities

Johnson C. Smith University’s Football Stadium – Charlotte, NC

The Owner, JCSU, engaged CCS to investigate problems with the construction of the University's first football stadium. The stadium now hosting the NIT College Championship had a variety of problems. CCS coordinated and performed load testing of the structure to verity the source of cracking and failures that were visually present. CCS coordinated and oversaw the corrective construction efforts to allow the stadium to open up and enjoy its current prominence.

Mooresville Graded School District – Middle School – Mooresville, NC

CCS was engaged by the school district to investigate and inspect this middle school for construction errors and omissions. CCS found a variety of construction problems and worked with the School District and contractor to resolve the problems. Some work was fixed and a cash settlement was paid to the school district for much of the incomplete and defective work.

Myers Park Presbyterian Church – Charlotte, NC

Charlotte is known for its churches and one of the oldest and grandest is this historic neighborhood’s stone structure. The gothic design of granite stone and limestone features make it one of the most impressive buildings in town. As with many historical buildings, water problems occur over time, some due to needed maintenance and at times due to design or construction issues. The church hired CCS to investigate long-standing leaks in its educational wing. CCS is acting as the project Owner’s Representative to oversee the renovation efforts after identifying and noting the scope of problems. Issues are addressed with new accent pre-cast members, removal and re-pointing of parts of the façade, roofing, new fenestrations, and changes to the structure to eliminate water entry through surface tension, capillary action and gravity.

UNCC – College of Engineering – Charlotte, NC

CCS worked on behalf of a subcontractor on this major building on the City Campus of the University of North Carolina-Charlotte. The subcontractor and general contractor had a dispute over delays and impacts of stacking of trades, acceleration, and other related problems. CCS performed a schedule analysis of the project and the matter was settled in mediation with a large payment to the subcontractor.

Appalachian State University Library Project – Boone, NC

CCS worked on behalf of a subcontractor in a dispute between the general contractor and the subcontractor over contract issues. The matter was resolved.

Health Care & Retirement Living

Georgia Heart Institute – Macon, GA

The project’s architect engaged CCS to perform a schedule analysis on the project and to assess causes of delays. This was presented to the Owner and contractor in attempts to stop the continuing delays and problems on the project. Some advice was taken and some ignored by the construction team. Although some efforts were made by the contractor to correct schedule problems, the project was extremely late as predicted by CCS.

Glenaire Retirement Center – Cary, NC

This multi-faceted retirement center in eastern North Carolina had various problems. The Owner engaged CCS to investigate the defective construction and determine the cost of repairs. The facility included apartment living, assisted living and a full care nursing home center. CCS investigated problems and code violations throughout the facility and the owners received a significant dollar settlement.

Johns Hopkins Cancer Center – Baltimore, MD

CCS was engaged by the project’s architect to deal with a variety of issues during the construction of this 85 million dollar facility. CCS provided regular site visits to the project and solved constructability issues, dealt with contractor and change order issues and worked to provide claims avoidance on the project. The project was completed without legal action by the parties.

New Hanover Regional Medical Center – Wilmington, NC

This project for NHRMC included a massive addition and changes to the hospital’s façade and entrance, a complete renovation of its pediatric and emergency wings, and the addition of a new cancer building for the hospital. The almost 70 million dollar project was plagued with construction delays and defects on an enormous scale. CCS found hundreds of issues from life safety fire code issues, egress problems, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing problems throughout the facility. CCS worked on behalf of the hospital to recover millions of dollars from the architect and the construction team for the problems they created.

Presbyterian Hospital North – Mooresville, NC

CCS was engaged by a subcontractor on the project to look into water intrusion issues on this project. CCS located problem areas and also advised the subcontractor on dispute solutions with the general contractor. The project was completed successfully without litigation between the subcontractor and general contractor.

Hotel & Motel Construction

Comfort Inn Project – Gastonia, NC

As seemed to be a theme during the 1980s and 1990s, this hotel suffered from water and mold problems partially stemming from the Exterior Insulation & Finishing System Installation. CCS investigated problems of this and other construction defects and determined needed corrective measures as part of a dispute with the Construction Company and designer.

Hampton Inn & Suites – Charlotte, NC

On this project, the contractor and owner proactively took action to solve nagging water intrusion problems in multiple areas of the project. CCS was engaged by the Contractor to investigate the sources of water leaks and recommend solutions for the construction team to solve including the project’s designers. All sources of water leaks were found and remedied and the Hotel today is a prominent destination for many business travelers to suburban Charlotte.

Hampton Inn – Pineville, NC

As seemed to be a theme during the 1980s and 1990s, this hotel suffered from water and mold problems partially stemming from the Exterior Insulation & Finishing System Installation. CCS investigated problems of this and other construction defects and determined needed corrective measures as part of a dispute with the Construction Company and designer. Significant problems were found at the EIFS interfaces with other materials.

Ritz-Carlton & Iberville Suites Hotels – New Orleans, LA

These high-rise hotels in New Orleans, Louisiana had significant water and moisture problems along with other issues during their renovations and reconstruction. CCS investigated some of the problems related to the building as part of numerous lawsuits filed for the project. CCS found that much of the problems stemmed from problems with the construction of ventilation shafts. The mechanical engineering of the project was studied to verify proper design criteria, proper installation of the vent fan systems as well as the analysis of the shaft construction and related cost impacts to the project.

Retail & Shopping Centers

Ballantyne Village Shopping Center – Charlotte, NC

CCS was engaged by the owners of this multi-million dollar mixed use development in the Ballantyne suburb area of Charlotte. The development includes large retail and condominium projects. There were numerous water intrusion issues on the project and CCS investigated these issues and reported on design and construction errors.

Lowe’s Corporate Headquarters

This 66 million dollar project had significant water leaks in the main North elevation of its Main Campus Building. The building was designed with a variety of architectural features including a metal panel rainscreen system, through-wall stone veneer façades, through-wall steel wings and a traditional curtain wall glazing system. CCS was brought in to this project to locate and determine the causes of leaks and try to assist the parties in corrective measures to solve the numerous sources of water intrusion. Although CCS was brought in by and represented the metal panel subcontractor, through their effort, brought all parties together to collectively rebuild the project’s façade and correct the problems. The subcontractor was subsequently awarded a significant dollar award in arbitration proceedings.

Wachovia (Wells Fargo) Tower – Charlotte, NC

CCS was brought in to the third Wachovia Corporate Tower construction to assist in determining causes of problematic water intrusion issues. Although the project had another firm engaged as the water specialists for the project by the owner, some difficult and perplexing problems remained. CCS was brought in by a subcontractor to advise and investigate and participate in problem solving sessions with the project’s general contractor. CCS readily located problems. They were solved and the project moved forward.

Parking Structures

South Carolina Federal Courthouse Parking Deck – Columbia, SC

The contractor of this large government parking deck in Columbia, South Carolina engaged CCS. The formed concrete deck was also to include several small retail areas. The contractor was experiencing delays by the Owner and needed an analysis of impacts and consultation about handling delay requests. CCS assisted the contractor through the project and also documented delay issues.

Ballantyne Parking Deck – Charlotte, NC

The Ballantyne Retail Center hosts many high end entertainment features including a special seating and service theater and many exclusive restaurants. Its parking facility had issues and CCS investigated to determine the source and responsibility of the parties involved.

Lowe’s Central Parking Deck – Charlotte, NC

The General Contractor for the new Lowe’s Central Store in Charlotte engaged CCS to inspect and report on waterproofing being performed on the project including a review of the design. The contractor was being proactive to prevent possible future problems. CCS found that the waterproofing was not being installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements and that some design issues needed review and clarification for a proper installation. The work was corrected and flood tested prior to the installation of the topping slab. The Store is operating without any water problems.

Office Buildings

The Allen Tate Building – Retail, Office & Condominium Project – Charlotte, NC

CCS was engaged by the General Contractor for this project to perform a pre-construction review of the drawings and onsite construction inspections with the goal of intercepting and preventing possible water intrusion problems. This Headquarters for one of the region's largest Realtors was constructed with an EIFS system, and featured penthouse living, balconies, all over underground parking. The construction project was successfully completed without water leakage issues as many potential problems were caught and proactively dealt with by the designers and builder.

North Hills Mall – Raleigh NC

CCS investigated design issues regarding litigation between this mall’s developer and the project architect. The North Hills Mall is the State’s largest mall and underwent a massive re-construction, which encompassed demolition and construction of numerous new structures. CCS investigated numerous code and design issues with the mall and investigated impacts of those problems on changes that took place during the construction of the mall. The matter was settled in mediation.

Rocky Mount Shopping Center – Rocky Mount, NC

This large shopping center in Rocky Mount, North Carolina was significantly impacted by delays and construction defects during construction. CCS was engaged by the developer to investigate and determine the impacts of these problems on the project. The center, anchored by Wal-Mart, was constructed in phases and was constructed similarly to many strip type shopping centers of its time. The developer received a significant dollar settlement on the project.

Tourism & Entertainment

The Biltmore Inn & Conference Center – Asheville, NC

A subcontractor for portions of this popular NC tourist destination was involved in a dispute with the general contractor. The contractor was late on the project and causing the subcontractors to acceleration, and stack trades, as well as not properly planning the work causing damage to various trades’ work. CCS consulted with the subcontractor to document and take control of the situation to recover costs and advised regarding claims for the project.

CCS is currently working for the Biltmore Company as Owner’s Representative and consulting on a new Tourism and Retail Center being constructed on the property.

South Carolina Aquarium – Charleston, SC

This popular tourist destination in Charleston, SC was the subject of numerous claims. The foundation and pile-driving contractor who predicted the failure of the project’s base design engaged CCS. Their failure was accurately predicted which sent the project into a series of significant delays and added impact costs. Because the site was previously a Superfund site, the contaminated conditions below created numerous problems and challenges during and after the failed foundation construction. Our client was awarded a significant dollar award for the problem.

Virginia Museum of Natural History – Martinsville, VA

CCS was engaged by a subcontractor to assist in settling a dispute with the general contractor over this project. The case included delays by the general contractor and cross claims. A schedule analysis was performed as part of the case.

NASCAR – Charlotte, NC

CCS was engaged by the merchandising arm of NASCAR to act as their Owner’s Representative during the establishment of their uptown corporate headquarters. The facility featured state of the art electronics, communications, television, multi-media presentation and conferencing features with a large wall sized back projected screen. The corporate headquarters has some of the most unique display features as well as a high tech functioning office to deal with the nation’s fastest growing sports. The construction project was successful remaining on budget and on time.



CIIT Research Laboratory – Research Triangle Park, NC

CCS was hired as the Owner’s Representative for a new addition to the campus of CIIT Research Laboratories. The new state of the art research facility in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina included one hundred percent redundant systems for all Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, and Laboratory systems. Every process from computer rooms to gas systems had an automatic backup system in place. CCS monitored the project schedule, reviewed change orders and dealt with typical construction issues during the project.

Glass & Fiber

In the early days of CCS, several large corporations engaged the owner of CCS to provide various services. Consulting included management of engineering issues at the Guardian Float Glass plant in Richburg, SC and project shut-down scheduling for a prime contractor of PPG fiberglass plants in Lexington, NC and Shelby, NC. Management of engineering project was performed at Wellman Industries in Florence, SC, Charlotte, NC and at Wellman’s South Carolina PET plant.

Additional engineering project management was done for Hoechst Celanese in Salisbury, NC, Charlotte, NC, Rock Hill, SC and Mt. Holly, NC. Further projects were managed at Akzo-Nobel facilities near Ashville, NC and the management of a new pilot plant in Scottsboro, AL.


CCS’s owner also assisted prime contractor in project recovery efforts in the Merck Pharmaceutical Plant in South Georgia.


CCS’s owner has participated in construction of minor aspects of the construction of Diamond Shamrock oil refinery facilities in Texas and has more recently provided Primavera software training to that industry in Texas through one of the software’s premier vendors.

Pulp & Paper

CCS was engaged by a Paper Manufacturer in the Southeastern US to investigate issues surrounding the work of a general contractor on plant modifications. CCS identified defective work and quantified delays and subsequent cost damages to the plant’s operations. The matter was settled.


Airport & Mass Transit

Myrtle Beach Airport – Myrtle Beach, SC

CCS was engaged by a South Carolina General Contractor to provide construction scheduling for a renovation project to the Myrtle Beach Airport. This popular tourist attraction is a destination for tourists wishing to hit the beaches. CCS updated the schedule to show delays by the Owner and their impacts. The project was completed successfully.

The Lynx-CATS South Boulevard Parking Deck and Station Project – Charlotte, NC

Charlotte unveiled its new light rail project in 2007, but not without construction problems on various fronts. CCS was engaged to deal with a dispute between this part of the project between the parking deck and stations builder and a subcontractor. CCS investigated the actual work that took place and provided arbitration testimony regarding change order disputes on the project. Our client was awarded a significant dollar value for the problems.

Correctional Facilities

Avery-Mitchell State Prison – Avery County, NC

This new state prison facility in North Carolina faced numerous problems and delays. The State had separately hired the grading contractor to fill a mountainous site with more than 100 feet of fill material. The problem was compounded when the State’s initial grading contractor failed to properly survey and close the site when they started work. When the General Contractor came to build the infrastructure and buildings, some buildings were layed out per plan over forty feet of air due to improper layout and grading. To make matters worse, the initial grading contractor built over active streams and failed to properly compact material or maintain erosion control measures. CCS was engaged to investigate and discover the problems and the reasons for them. We also put together a claim for delay and impact costs for the builder’s infrastructure subcontractor. After a lengthy fight with the State, the subcontractor got a sizable payment for its efforts.

Lexington County, South Carolina Jail

Despite the record of jail projects almost always going to litigation, this project was far from that and was extremely successful. CCS was hired by the general contractor to put together a detailed schedule and perform many updates for the work. The contractor utilized the schedule and worked hard to follow its every detail in an accelerated manner. This resulted in the contractor getting so far ahead of the project timeline, that they stopped updates mid way through the project since they were months ahead. The contractor used the schedule as it should, for a tool to manage their work.

Rowan County, North Carolina Jail

CCS was engaged by Rowan County North Carolina to defend them against claims by the general contractor for the construction of a new jail. Despite claims and costs put forth, the contractor was not delayed by actions of the owner, but by others theoretically in their control. In a jury verdict, the contractor was awarded zero from their multi-million dollar claim. Despite the option of a counter claim because CCS found numerous defective conditions, the County chose not to pursue those issues.


Blalock Dam Project

CCS represented the contractor of project after actions of the owner severely impacted the construction site, by flooding the site during construction versus the plan of reconstructing and adding roller compacted concrete to the dam in the dry with the planned water divergence. CCS performed a schedule and impact analysis of the project on behalf of the contractor.

Government & Military Facilities

McEntire Air National Guard Base

CCS was engaged by a contractor working on multiple buildings at this air base in South Carolina military facility including an air traffic control tower, a aircraft maintenance facility and personnel quarters. The contractor was experiencing numerous delays due to design and owner problems, which resulted in significant impacts. The contractor was awarded significant damages for these issues.

Other Projects

Other Projects of CCS at military bases include work at:

  • Fort Gordon Army Base – Augusta Georgia
  • Fort Bragg Army Base – North Carolina
  • Pope Air Force Base – North Carolina
  • Shaw Air Force Base – South Carolina
  • Pickens – SC National Guard Armory
  • Ware Shoals – SC National Guard Armory
  • Fountain Inn – SC National Guard Armory

USDA Research Laboratory

CCS was hired by the project’s architect to investigate design issues with the construction of the USDA Vegetable Research Laboratory in Charleston, South Carolina. Numerous issues were reviewed including such things as laboratory lab hood systems, hazardous material containment systems, water intrusion and mold issues. The matter was settled between the parties.

Power, Communication, & Transmission

U.S. Corps of Engineers Project, Yakaima, Washington

CCS investigated a contract dispute between the US COE and a Communications Contractor who was building and modifying this base’s communications system. An REA was produced subject to review by the Military Contracting Officer and the issues were to be ultimately decided by the ASBCA.

New Hanover Regional Medical Center

CCS investigated Electrical work and a system installed for significant changes in the hospital’s various departments and a multi-story addition.

Georgia Heart Institute

CCS reviewed the construction and sequencing of the hospital including installation of electrical systems without the building being dried in and being subjected to water intrusion and the effects that it was having on the equipment.. CCS reported its findings to the project architect and owner.

Roads & Bridges

US Highway 74 – Independence Blvd.

CCS was engaged by a subcontractor on the reconstruction and widening project in Charlotte, NC. A dispute occurred between the sub and prime contractor over delay impacts and change orders. In trial, the subcontractor was awarded all money owed.

Sewer & Water

Columbia Canal Street Waste Water Treatment Plant

CCS was engaged by a General Contractor in Columbia, SC to determine impacts and losses on the Columbia Canal Street Waste Water treatment plant expansion. CCS created a request for Equitable Adjustment for the firm to present and deal with losses due to a variety of impacts from unforeseen conditions to cardinal changes and various owner delays and changes. The project included new flocculation basins, new canals and holding tanks, new chemical systems and electrical controls as well as ROF tanks.

UAV Office & Warehouse Complex – Rock Hill, SC

CCS was engaged to investigate a variety of construction problems on a large masonry & precast tilt-wall construction project. CCS investigated problems with curling concrete and joints, provided floor flatness testing, looked at panel movement and expansion issues and reviewed issues with water tower and water distribution problems. CCS was engaged on behalf of the owner but worked with the contractor and all issues were resolved.

Multi-Family & Residential


Brentmoore Apartments

CCS was engaged by the general contractor to review construction issues and make corrective recommendations to issues as well as deal with outstanding change order issues with the owner. The issues were resolved between the parties.

Rock Hill, SC Apartments

CCS was engaged by the project’s general contractor to determine the extent and cost of construction defects. A settlement was reached between the Owner and Contractor for the issues.

Seigle Point Apartments

CCS was engaged by the general contractor of this project to provide preconstruction drawing review and during construction inspections to provide added quality control.


3030 South Condominiums

CCS investigated known leaks on behalf of this project’s developer. CCS reviewed the work of the repair contractor on behalf of the developer after the project’s building went out of business and failed to participate. All leak problems that we were acted to look at were solved. CCS provided a detailed report and cost analysis for the developer’s insurance company for a claim.

Duneridge Condominiums – Wrightsville Beach, NC.

The Duneridge Condominiums are a multiple building high end condominium project on the beach in Wrightsville Beach, NC. They experienced significant leaking problems from multiple sources, primarily due to construction errors. During the rebuilding of the project, the project was hit hard by a passing hurricane adding to the damage. CCS made a full analysis of the costs of repairs and the costs and impact of the hurricane on the project. CCS presented its findings in mediation on behalf of the Home Owner’s Association.

Quarterside Condominiums

CCS was engaged by the project’s general contractor for two main purposes. Initially, CCS was asked to provide a project schedule for the project due to delays beyond the control of the owner and contractor to maximize all aspects of this multi-building facility. The developer of the project is one of the city’s premiere architects and this project’s location and features boasts numerous benefits.

The Crillion Condominiums

The project’s lender, RBC Centura, engaged CCS to perform monthly inspections to verify the percent completed of scheduled values of the contractor’s work.

CCS has worked for numerous lending institutions to provide during construction progress reviews or pre-construction project development package analysis.

The Palms – Tampa, FL

The general contractor for this project was terminated for convenience. The GC engaged CCS to review problems with the concrete structure. The multi-story condominium project was on the water in Pleasure Island and the concrete subcontractor utilized the tunnel form construction method. CCS found that the subcontractor was grossly negligent in the performance of its contract with the general contractor. CCS provided estimates to the GC for a financial settlement with the Owner.


Leinbach Residence

As often occurs, the Owners of this residence were experiencing what they thought were minor problems with the construction of their new home. After years of trying to get the contractor to correct troublesome water leaks and other issues, the owners turned to CCS. After a complete inspection of the residence, including intrusive testing, mold testing and analysis, and other tests on various aspects of construction, the problems were found to be much worse than first known to the homeowners. This is not an unusual circumstance where construction defects are rampant but Owners are not able to identify the signs of problems and then investigate the extent of the problems.

Drennan Residence

CCS was engaged to inspect this residence and report on numerous code issues and construction errors. CCS created a report of defects and costs to correct. The matter was settled in mediation.

Hartman Residence

This home was purchased with the realtor representing that the home needed minor repairs and not providing details of inspections made to the home buyer. The real estate agent also represented that the boat dock adjoining the property went with the house but it belonged to the next door neighbor and those facts were not discovered until after the closing. CCS found significant water damage throughout the various parts of the house and significant problems that were not readily visible. The matter settled in mediation.

Boykin Residence

The Owner of this 6 million dollar residential project engaged CCS to assist with problems between the contractor and owner during construction. CCS found a variety of construction defects as part of their review and ultimately the parties parted ways and a new contractor was selected to complete the work. CCS acted as the Owner’s Representative for the project working with the designer and contractor to solve problems and move the project forward.

Hasan Residence

CCS investigated this custom house due to problems with swimming pool construction. The evidence gathered was so convincing, the contractors agreed to come back to the project under the supervision of CCS and make all needed repairs. The problems were solved without following through with litigation.

Safety & Product Cases

Corporate Construction Services has been engaged as an expert in North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee for numerous construction safety and accident cases. These projects have ranged from fall cases to regarding construction-building products. CCS has worked for individuals and for many national companies on these matters such as Lowe’s, Home Depot, and GAF/LL Building Products.